Compatibility with ARC Audio

The CEC Blocking Adapter can not be used between the ARC port of a TV and an ARC audio device, like a soundbar. When used on other ports, it will not interfere with ARC audio. When used on the ARC port itself, no device connected through the adapter will provide ARC audio.

What is CEC?

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is a feature of HDMI that allows devices connected to your TV to communicate with each other. For example, CEC lets you control multiple devices, such as a Blu-ray player and TV, with a single remote. While convenient, CEC can sometimes cause issues, such as unwanted device interactions or conflicts.

What is ARC?

Audio Return Channel (ARC) is an HDMI feature that enables your TV to send audio back to a connected soundbar or AV receiver without needing a separate audio cable. ARC simplifies your setup and reduces cable clutter by using the same HDMI cable for both video and audio signals.

Why the CEC Blocking Adapter Can’t Be Used with ARC

ARC relies on CEC for its initial setup and communication between the TV and the soundbar. This means that if you use the CEC Blocking Adapter to connect your soundbar to the TV’s ARC port, the ARC negotiation process won’t work, and you won’t get any audio from the TV to the soundbar. In other words, the adapter disrupts the communication necessary for ARC to function.