Overview and Usage

The CEC Blocking Adapter is a small HDMI coupler designed to disable the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) feature on any HDMI connection. By severing pin 13, which carries the CEC signal, this adapter effectively blocks CEC communication between connected devices.

This adapter is intended for troubleshooting CEC issues, and may be able to resolve some issues, but may not solve all issues, and may have unintended side effects. EDID issues and issues that arise from TVs and HDMI switches watching for the power state of a connected device (rather than listening for CEC signals) can cause similar symptoms to CEC issues, and will not be resolved by this adapter.

What is CEC?

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is an HDMI feature that allows devices connected to your TV to communicate with each other. CEC enables control of multiple devices, such as Blu-ray players, game consoles, and TVs, with a single remote. While convenient, CEC can sometimes cause issues like unwanted device interactions or conflicts.

Common CEC Issues and Symptoms

Here are some typical problems caused by CEC and how the CEC Blocking Adapter can help:

  1. Unwanted Device Control:

    • Symptom: A Blu-ray player or game console turns on your TV automatically and switches the input when powered on.
    • Solution: Use the CEC Blocking Adapter between the TV and Blu-ray player to stop these devices from sending control commands to your TV.
  2. Remote Control Conflicts:

    • Symptom: Multiple devices respond to a single remote control, causing confusion and unintended actions.
    • Solution: Insert the CEC Blocking Adapter to isolate the devices, ensuring that each device only responds to its own remote.
  3. Device Power Sync Issues:

    • Symptom: Turning off your TV also turns off connected devices like streaming boxes or Blu-ray players, or vice versa.
    • Solution: Use the adapter between the TV and the connected devices to prevent these devices from receiving power commands from the TV, allowing you to control them separately.
  4. Unexpected Device Behavior:

    • Symptom: Devices are not responding correctly or exhibit unexpected behaviors, such as turning on/off unexpectedly.
    • Solution: Use the adapter to isolate one device at a time to help locate the issue.
  5. Maintaining Device Independence:

    • Symptom: You prefer to keep your devices independent and prevent any automatic interactions between them.
    • Solution: The CEC Blocking Adapter ensures that any device connected through it operates separately without influencing other devices.

How to Install the CEC Blocking Adapter

  1. Identify the Devices: Determine which devices you want to isolate or prevent from sending/receiving CEC commands. Unplugging one device at a time, or connecting one device at a time through the adapter, may help locate the device causing the issue.
  2. Insert the Adapter: Connect the CEC Blocking Adapter between the HDMI cable of the identified device and the HDMI port on the TV or HDMI switch.
  3. Test the Setup: After installing the adapter, test your setup to ensure that the unwanted CEC interactions are resolved.

By using the CEC Blocking Adapter, you can gain more control over your home entertainment setup and prevent common CEC-related issues from disrupting your viewing experience.